TENtv Delivers Eye-Level Advertising Via Free Public Phones

Over 25 million eye-level marketing impressions all with trackable ROI

How TENtv Works

We work alongside you, to assure requests and support needs are met in a timely manner. We offer a full range of services to support you on the TENtv Digital Network. From creative work to content management and campaign feedback, the whole process can be managed by our highly skilled and experienced team. Changes and additions to the advertising campaign can be quickly implemented.


The TENtv portal provides everything you’ll need to manage your advertising campaigns.
Stay ahead of the curve with the latest reports and analytics!

Campaign Management

Campaign assets can be managed directly from TENtv platform, providing you easy access to the content and advertising management.

Full Campaign Reporting

Our TENtv customized advertising reports present analytics that pair with your advertising package. Reporting can be customized to your needs.

Free VOIP Calls

Video Advertising

HD Static Banner

TENtv Terminal

TENtv Terminals deliver eye-level advertising and mobile capabilities to bring content directly to customers.

Digital Coupon/

QR Code Ready

Preset Speed

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What You’ll Learn

Advertising Insight

The modern trend of digital
eye-level advertising

Advertising Package

All available advertising package
and services with TENtv

All Facilities

All current facilities with TENtv
official terminals installed

TenTv Portal

All reporting options available
through the TENtv portal

TenTv Services

Options for tailoring TENtv services
around you and your business needs

Advertising Logistics

Learn about the logistics of
advertising with TENtv

TENtv Terminal Advertising Specs

Get The Latest Terminal Advertising Specifications

TENtv Features

Eye-level Advertising

Digital advertising at eye-level has proven viewing power and arguably more consumer influence than traditional billboards, printed ads, and TV commercials. When presented at eye-level, this medium does not require consumers to go out of their way to look for it. The TENtv Digital Network is designed to create an effective dialogue between brands and consumers.

Opportunity for Immediate Conversions

Advertising blocks have built-in tracking for conversions, allowing measurement of impressions to help you gauge the effectiveness of a campaign.

Hd Quality Static and Video Advertising

HD screen technology delivers every form of digital advertising in the highest possible resolution and quality. In its simplest form, the TENtv terminals placed throughout an airport or other facility provide a substantial HD display with an eye-level miniature billboard system.

Cross-Location Presentation

Advertisers working with TENtv gain access to all of our machines in the location for one single price. This means that your ad or discount offer is constantly present on multiple machines spread throughout the location and constantly reinforced for consumers as they walk throughout that facility. In this way, TENtv complements existing advertising mediums and creates demand, rather than fighting for it.

Digital Coupon / Qr Code Ready

TENtv terminals are Digital Coupon/QR code ready, requiring minimal efforts for consumers to redeem relevant offers. These are sent directly from nearby businesses and advertisers, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions and customer engagement.